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Helmi's Gardens houseplants
Succulents from our Nursery Garden


Bring Color to Your Home or Office with Houseplants from Our Garden Nursery!

"Not only do houseplants offer beauty to your home or office, but they also increase oxygen levels, add moisture vapor, and help purify the air, improving your health and well-being. Ask us what types of houseplants will be right for your specific location."


Bring the outdoors inside with beautiful houseplants that add a host of green to your home or office. We offer a wide variety of houseplants that are amazing all throughout the year. 



Ficus, Palms, Philodendrons, Succulents, Air Plants, Carnivorous Plants, Croton, Pothos, Spider Plants, Monstera, Begonias, Orchids, Pilea and African Violets. We have one of the largest houseplant selections in the area. 


Stop by our Garden Center or call us at 573-886-9419 to see if we have the specific plant you're looking for.

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Discover the Secrets of Helmi's Gardens

Call us in Columbia at 573-886-9419 and let us know how we can help you with your gardening, landscaping, container, and maintenance needs! 

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