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Offering a variety of trees in our Garden Nursery


Bring Shade and Comfort with Trees from Our Garden Nursery!

"If you're looking for a flowering, fruit or shade tree, we can accommodate your needs. Just let us know where you plan to plant your tree, the size you're looking for, and the type of tree you want and we'll help you choose the right tree for your particular location."


Discover our wide assortment of Missouri Native trees that are great for your specific location. All of our trees are grown in Missouri and are therefore acclimated to our climate.



Oaks, Magnolias, Juniper, Spruce, and Maples 


Stop by our Garden Nursery or call us at 573-886-9419 to see if we have the specific plant you're looking for.


View Our Trees

Discover the Secrets of Helmi's Gardens

Call us in Columbia at 573-886-9419 and let us know how we can help you with your gardening, landscaping, container, and maintenance needs! 

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